✈️Travel1Click is a ClickAM Nigeria Limited venture (with RC Number: 1527780) that provides one click access to booking of local & international flights. At inception it provided one click access to booking of hotels across Nigeria & later upgraded to providing only a world class flight booking platform. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is currently required as an upgrade to keep providing our numerous customers with our services in today's market & the next generation. Hence we're developing our own cryptocurrency; Travel1Click Tokens (T1C) which will be listed on many exchanges for cross liquidity flow. T1C has a maximum supply of 1 token & minting more is impossible, it is divisible up to 16 decimal places. The current Travel1Click platform currently accepts some fiat (basically popular African currencies like; NGN, GHS, KSH, CAD, GBP, EUR & USD) & can be used to book local & international flights from anywhere around the world.

Our guarantees:

Best Price

Enjoy the best possible prices from multiple airlines & routes

Trust & Safety

Secure Payment powered by Paystack & Flutterwave. With cash back offered in T1C tokens if Travel1Click Loyalty Debit card (converts T1C to Fiat instantly & can be used on every POS or ATM terminal) is used. Blockchain powered T1C Crypto payment will be implemented on or before Q2 2021

Best Destinations

Travel deals, advice & enquires handled by the best in class professionals.


  • Travel1click is a proud representative of Dynax Travels. Dynax Travels is a registered member of IATA.
  • Travel1Click is proudly incubated by AfroDex Labs. AfroDex Labs is Africa's biggest blockchain research and development labs, which will also be responsible for developing of the Crypto payment portal.
  • Travel1Click is a proud partner of BitFxt Labs, developers of Boundless Pay. Boundless Pay will help develop and deploy a VIP membership Loyalty debit card (that accepts T1C tokens) with cash back if used on Travel1Click platform.

About the Token:

Token name: Travel1Click

Token symbol: T1C

Total supply: 1

Decimals: 16






Block Explorer:

For support, partnership or enquiries write to: [email protected]


T1C will be listed gradually on AfroDex and BitFxt aside these 8 more exchanges including IndoEx which started trading T1C on June 15th, 2020 and Etherflyer which date will be announced soon + 6 more, making it 10 exchanges before the end of Q3 2021

About founder:

Emmanuel Adams is an ace blockchain expert in Africa and a renowned entrepreneurship coach & consultant. He is an author and public speaker. Read more about him at: